What's stopping you?

Worn tyres can make it a lot harder to brake, make sure that you can stop when it matters.

Budget to premium tyre brands

We have a wide variety of leading and budget brand tyres in stock, all available to buy online at prices to suit any budget. Search by registration or tyre size, all available to be fitted at a time that best suits you, or pop in to discuss all the options, our experts can help you find the perfect fit.

Tyre labelling and what is it?

This is a piece of EU Legislation that came into force which in 2012 which requires every new tyre sold within Europe (with some exceptions) to be labelled based on the performance of specific criteria - much like a fridge, freezer or light bulb.

On the label there are grades given to 3 important categories that should be considered when choosing a tyre:

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Wet Grip

  • External rolling noise

What is speed rating?

The speed rating of a tyre is displayed on the sidewall. You will find it at the end of the tyre's size. It is always represented by a letter - in the following example the tyre speed rating is "V".

Speed ratings are based on tests in which engineers run the tyre at 6.2 mph steps, in 10 minute increments, until the required speed has been met.

Tyre speed rating table

The following is a table which each speed rating.

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